Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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oh my precious moose (x

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how is it that this season has me super interested?

It’s season freaking 10 and seasons 8-9 were meh in a lot of areas, but so far I love that I absolutely DESPISE Demon!Dean and love that I’m terrified that Sam’s going to go dark and crazy with Dean’s manipulation cutting into him constantly. And I’m even interested in ANGELS, which never happens. Like… I’m willingly interested in their storyline- probably because it’s a lot more human and a lot less robotic. 

But seriously. Every time Demon!Dean is on I’m so absolutely disgusted and I freaking hate him and MAN, Ackles. Killin’ it. ACTING.

I tried writing tonight. I really sincerely did. 



it’s not rude to interrupt someone to point out a dog

It’s actually more polite because then they don’t miss out on a dog

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Sam is used to Dean’s drinking, but there are occations when it gets too much, and Sam calls Dean out on it. For Dean it’s usually a way to deal with stuff he can’t or doesn’t want to talk about to Sam, so he plays it down.

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10x02 // Reichenbach


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I’m going to kill you dead.
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Pilot [1.01]

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